Monday, June 23, 2008

Grand Canyon

The last time I visited the Grand Canyon, Kevin was 3 and Quincy was 18mos. I remember glancing at the canyon occasionally, but more often, I was watching the kids and trying to keep them from falling off of the edge. This time I didn't have to worry quite so much, so enjoying the scenery was much easier.
Well.... Grant was a little annoyed that we wouldn't let him climb the rocks right next to the sheer drop off.

Another difference between this trip and the last, is that this time we visited the North Rim not the South Rim. There are fewer tourists there and I also think it's just prettier.


Leslie said...

it is so beautiful there, i hope someday i will be able to stop not just whiz by. That is such a nice picture of you and Dan!!!

Grammie/Mom said...

Boy, those pictures of the canyon are awe inspiring!!! Very nice. I'm glad to see the picture of you and Dan too. The kids look like they are holding up well.