Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Wild Visitor

This guy flew in and perched on our deck for a few moments. Long enough for us to get a good look and an okay picture. Quincy named him Puck. That's short for Hawkey Puck.
We think we've identified him as a Cooper's Hawk. What do you think, Leslie?


Leslie said...

that is so cool...we had a sharp shinned hawk in our yard last year...it ate a bird, :o(
last week we saw a bald eagle. Can you believe that?

Elizabeth said...

what are you??? Snow White!?!? LOL

Colleen said...

When the deer show up and start cleaning the house, I'll let you know.

Leslie said...

we have snow white afternoons all the time at our house....the birds all fly in(like 50) for lunch when the feeders are full and then just as quickly they are gone...it is weird watching them all flutter in at once!