Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mummy's are interesting too!

Our most recent history lesson was about making mummies. One of the possible activities listed in the workbook was to make a mummy out of a chicken.
Yeah, well, I don't think that is going to happen... not on my kitchen counter, but the kids thought that it would be fun to turn themselves into mummies. So we mummified the little turkeys.

They learned alot about the mummification process from their history lesson and even more so from this fun game.
After they removed each other's brains through their noses (so much giddy laughter) and removed all their internal organs (an excellent opportunity to tickle), they "covered" each other with salt and spices. I doubt the Egyptians used parsley, but that's what Grant got out of the spice drawer. What a waste of toilet paper, but what a lot of fun! Julia thought her hair looked like the wigs that they put on mummies, so she didn't want to cover her face. Grant insisted on being wrapped from head to toe. I did open up the tissue by his nose so that he could breathe.

Julia has some amulets to provide her with safe passage to the afterworld.

Anyone who watches Scooby Doo knows that a mummy isn't a mummy unless it comes back to life and terrorizes the town.


Elizabeth said...

this is so much fun lol.. I like that you had them mummify eachother rather than a chicken on your counter.... Unless you were planning on cooking it for dinner.. hmmm hahaha

Grammie/Mom said...

That was so fun to read and to see in pictures!! You know, you could recycle that toilet paper. :)

Leslie said...

that looks fun..i am not sure we are even going to do the chicken anymore. Hard to sell a house with a mummified chicken on the counter.