Monday, September 15, 2008

Hershey Park

We went to Hershey Park this weekend. We were supposed to go last week as part of Quincy's birthday, but Hurricane Hanna kept us home. The rides were lots of fun, but we REALLY loved Chocolate World. After we were done with the park, we went to chocolate world and had chocolate ice cream and chocolate shakes and I even tried a chocolate coke! I highly recommend the chocolate coke if ever you need a sugar rush. After we ate chocolate, we went shopping for more chocolate and other chocolate related souveneirs to bring home.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, YUM!
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, YUM!!

This was Julia's first ride of the day. Quincy went for moral support and to help her get buckled in.
Julia had the controller and could have made the plane go higher. I kept encouraging her to go higher, but just as I was taking this picture, she yelled "this is high enough!"
I love that picture.

Grant and Dan went off on their own and rode all of the roller coasters. I didn't get a chance to try this one, but I'm not too upset about it. It looked scary! Julia, Quincy and I tried out a couple of tamer ones. Well... tamer in my opinion. Julia screamed like she was going to die the first time she rode the Comet. She got over that and decided to try it a second time.
Who can resist an opportunity to hug a Reese's Cup! Yum!
After the picture, Julia looked at him and said, "You're Yummy!!"
He looked a little scared after that.


Elizabeth said...

How Fun!!! I havent been there since I was probably 12. Chocolate World was my favorite too. mmmmm now i want chocolate!! go figure. And Julia is right... Reeses ARE yummyyyy!!! :D

Leslie said...

i think maybe i have hugged one before...despite it being a little one. :oP Looks like a good time. I love roller coasters but that one looks nuts!!! Did Grant ride that?

Colleen said...

Grant has no fear... he rode them all.

Elizabeth said...

i love that grant rode them all - i love roller coasters...

Grammie/Mom said...

I don't love rollercoasters!. I only love chocolate!! I bet it smelled great walking around.