Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cave Paintings

Yesterday we did one of our first activities in the Story of the World. This was to go along with Chapter 1 The First Nomads. It was a relatively easy activity for me to set up, just a brown paper bag and a few paints. Luckily, we had a beautiful day and were able to enjoy some school time outside.

They tried using some "natural" paintbrushes like the early people might have used. Grant mostly used his fingers or a stick.

Quincy took a break between her math and science to study literature,
or maybe she was just reading a book.
Julia says, "It's two guys fighting a cougar. There's a volcano and there is a dinosaur bird in the sky. There are fireballs in the sky. There is a guy in the cave running away from the cougar. There is a plant and a dinosaur egg nest on the bottom and my hand print."
Grant's picture is of two guys chasing a mastodon with spears.

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Elizabeth said...

Grant and Julia, your cave paintings are FANTASTIC!!! Great job!!!