Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The unexpected sites of D.C.

While we were wandering around D.C. on Monday, we saw many of the "usual" sites, but we also ran across some things that you don't normally expect to find.
Julia noticed the hole in the tree and was looking at it, wondering if something might live there, when out popped this little squirrel. She was so excited and pretty lucky to have had the time to get the picture. Very cute.

There was a large garden full of late blooming roses.

We found a "to scale" walk through space from planet to planet. We started at Pluto and made it to Jupiter. Next time we'll walk all the way to the sun!

No matter what your politics are, you generally don't expect to find the Death Star in the middle of the mall.

We saw this very medieval looking statue as we were walking back to our car. I stopped to take a picture and realized that this was Queen Isabel, the very queen who financed Christopher Columbus' voyages. How very fortuitous to have run into her on Columbus day of all days! Thank you Isabel.


Leslie said...

i love it...was all this stuff off the beaten path or just stuff people just walk right by?

Colleen said...

Just stuff you could walk right by if you aren't paying attention. Of course, the squirrel was just luck.

Elizabeth said...

very fortuitous indeed! And I love all the little things you caught like the squirrel in the tree and the death star... how funny is that

Grammie/Mom said...

What a co-inky-dink seeing Queen Isabel on my birthday! ;0) Julia, you must have been surprised to see that squirrel pop out to visit you.