Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Washington Fun

It has taken me all week to blog everything we did in the five hours we were in D.C. on Monday.
We just saw so many things and took so many pictures, that it was hard to decide what to post. I imagine that we'll go back many, many times over the next couple of years and maybe we wont take as many pictures, but for now, you'll just have to put up with me.

The sun was a little bright, so we re-shot the picture of Julia.

Hey, Mitchie! Julia went to the moon. Look what she found there... astronauts!

The Smithsonian castle is mainly just a information center for all of the other museums, but I'd never been in there so we decided to check it out. It has very cool architecture inside and out and a room with bits and pieces from each museum, so we got to see a little of everything that the Smithsonian has to offer.
Grant in front of the Capitol Building.
He found the sunglasses that Dan was given after he had Lasik. They are old-man, bug-eye, wrap-around glasses and we couldn't get Grant to part with them.

The flags around the monument.

The Lincoln Memorial.

That's as close as we got this time around.

I just fell for this building and took many pictures.

None of them really show what the building truly looks like, but it was so cool.

This was the last picture of the day. Julia took it.

She loved how pretty the sunset was and how it reflected in the buildings.


Leslie said...

that boy and his sunglasses!!! it is probably much nicer exploring there this time of year when it is not burning hot

Elizabeth said...

HAHAHA Grant made me laugh SOOOO hard when I looked at that picture full size. I Love it... and I wanna go to all the museums!!!

Grammie/Mom said...

I haven't been in those museums in YEARS!!! We'll have to go there on one of our future visits. Ok?