Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A date at a museum

Although I still miss the West Coast, one of the best things about living near D.C. is being able to visit all of the wonderful museums. Dan and I went on a date (that's right, just the two of us!) to the National Gallery of Art. We visited some paintings that are familiar and have become like old friends (like the Van Gogh above) and found some new ones like those below.
These paintings are a series by Thomas Cole called the Voyage of Life. The one that caught my eye at first is the one just below with the castle in the clouds, but as I looked closer and saw that they were a series, I became more interested.

The first one, Childhood, has a baby in the boat and the flowers in the foreground were very bold and cheery. (They're brighter in person.)

The second one, Youth, has a teenager dreaming of castles in the sky.

Manhood, faces a rocky voyage.

Old age, is looking at his heavenly reward.
But as Dan put it, "You're born, you have dreams, life sucks and you die."
(That was just an interpretation, not Dan's view on life.)
And there's your cheery thought for the day!


Grammie/Mom said...

I'm glad you clarified Dan's words! We might have to go there too next visit. What do you think?

Leslie said...

well Dan...that is a great way to put it!! lol :o) The paintings are pretty. Were they in the room that was closed when we were there?

Colleen said...

Come visit, Mom and I'll take you there. Les, they were downstairs.

Leslie said...

i missed a lot that was downstairs on that trip...there was a exhibit of Afghan treasures that ended right after we left that was down there too. time. is that other side open now?

Elizabeth said...

I love Dan's interpretation of the paintings. It's very to the point but describes it quite accurately

heh my word is skersort

Grammie/Mom said...

I'll take the choo choo in the Spring. How's that sound? Or late Winter.