Thursday, December 11, 2008

Julia's word of the day

This picture is about momentum because when you throw a bowling ball the harder you throw it, the more momentum it has. If it has a lot of momentum it goes really fast and hits all the pins. (As long as you throw it in the right direction.)
One time, on my very last turn, a little kid in the other lane accidentally threw his ball into my lane and hit a pin! I was very disappointed that he took my last turn, but at least he hit a pin down and didn't throw it into the gutter.


Grammie/Mom said...

That is a very good word Julia. I need some of that tonight. I guess you had fun bowling and learning about momentum.

Leslie said...

i was going to try to play blog with you today but it seems that my picasa is not behaving and i have no tech support until tonight.

Colleen said...

Nice to hear from you anyhow, Lez.

Leslie said...

come on i am playing better get cracking