Monday, March 2, 2009

Nope! It's definitely not Spring yet!

Yay! Snow!!
The kids and Dan got out in it first thing this morning and again later in the afternoon. I spent some time taking pictures, shoveling and sweeping off the porch.
I think we have enough that it won't go away too soon. We'll get out in it some more later today and tomorrow.

Dan played for a while, but once the roads cleared up, he was off to work. :o(

Grant and Julia spent most of their time burying themselves and each other in the snow.
They probably have frostbite!

We are all inside for the moment, drinking hot chocolate and relaxing while we wait for the dryer to get those coats and gloves dry so we can go out again!


Grammie/Mom said...

The pics of the kids buried are cute. How much snow did you get? I think we got about 6-7". I'm not really sure.

Leslie said...

nice...i love the pictures of them buried in the snow. Looks like you got a bunch. It is hard to tell what we got since there was so much wind that in some places we have huge drifts and piles and in other places you can see the grass. We did not have to even shovel our driveway, it all blew right off.

Colleen said...

We got 6-7 ins. as well, but it definitely didn't just blow away! We had to shovel all that stuff up. The wind came later in the day and today it is sooooo cold!