Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Football

Rumor has it that Thanksgiving and football go hand in hand.
Whether that's true or not, it was a great way to get all the children out of the house while dinner was cooking.
After a tour of West Point, they got the opportunity to play at Army's Michie Stadium.
Pretty cool, huh?

The march on....

I'm pretty sure Avery kicked this one into the stands.
(I wasn't there, but I can imagine.)

Look at that ... can't you just see the mischief in her eyes?

"Go over there. I'll hold the ball while you kick it."

Poor guy...

We don't have a picture, but I hear the end result looked something like this!

**Special thanks to my guest photographers, Dan and Julia.**


Elizabeth said...

I love it!

Leslie said...

love this. you got some really great pictures. i love the first when where it looks like they are all stalking the camera/photographer.

Colleen said...

They are great photos. I believe Dan took all of them. I was home needle felting with you.

Grammie/Mom said...

I'm laughing so hard!!!! Leslie, did you forget who went and who didn't? Colleen, I see you jogged her memory about who took the pics. They were good and I like how you blogged them especially using Charlie Brown and Lucy.