Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments

I was out "blog surfing" when I came across a blog doing "25 Days of Christmas Ornaments."

One of my favorite things about putting up my Christmas tree is unwrapping all of my memories disguised as ornaments. So many of them have a story or just remind us of a happy time.

This ornament is from Christmas 1998.
Dan had to go to a three month school in Pensacola, FL and we didn't see any reason why we should be apart, especially over the holidays. The kids were little so we packed them (the older three) all up and moved to a small apartment near Dan's school. In that very short time, we found some good friends, a good church and spent lots of time exploring the beaches. In our "backyard" were tons of HUGE pine cones that just thrilled the kids.
When Christmas rolled around, we didn't have all of our normal Christmas decorations, so we gathered some of those pine cones, sprayed them gold and set them on our tree.
That year we also made popcorn garland and lots of handmade paper ornaments.
Loved that tree.

I keep this one pine cone as a memory of that Christmas in transition.

For a peek into other's Christmas ornament stashes go to 4 the love of family and check it out.



Grammie/Mom said...

A very nice memory. Like the icicle!

MamaBear said...

What a great story! I never would have thought to paint them, but I bet they look really nice against the tree with lights.

Leslie said...

goodness...get a hold of yourself woman. i am not sure what to make of all this blogging.. i love it, don't get me wrong!!! such a great story.