Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter trip to DC (and an ornament)

What a day!
Quincy had an art class to attend at the National Gallery (they're free!!), so we all hopped in the car and spent the day in DC.
The weathermen called for rain and snow, but that didn't deter us. In fact we were rather excited. We've never been to DC in the snow.
This is a picture of the drive in. Look bad? NOPE!
Dan loved it!
He said that it was nice to drive this road when traffic was actually moving.
All the wimpy drivers stayed home.

A few of my favorites at the museum.

I'm a sucker for mobiles.

The art museum's lobby is always decked out in seasonal flowers.
Christmas brings pointsettias and Christmas trees.
But it didn't bring a smile to Grant's face.
When I asked him about it, he said that he didn't think that every picture needed a smile, sometimes a serious face will do.

She caught a few flakes!

Love that snow.

We liked the way the capitol dome was barely visible against the sky.

At the air and space museum, Dan umm... spaced out?

If you really want to space out, you have to check out this moving walkway that takes you to the gift shop. The kids love it! They'd have gone back and forth all day if we let them.
I took a short video, but didn't catch some of the cooler light displays.

And finally!!! My contribution to the 25 days of Christmas Ornaments is this one that I bought while we were there.
We try to get souvenier ornaments from our favorite places and places that we've lived.
I figure that this encompasses all of DC in one ornament.


MamaBear said...

You have such a great attitude about the weather! I HATE driving in precipitation.

You picked a very pretty ornament! Is it heavy?

Grammie/Mom said...

We had the snow too. Probably a couple of inches. Grant has a point now doesn't he? Your DC ornament is a good memorymaker. I have an ornament for you. Bet you can't(can) guess what it is.

Barbara said...

Hi Colleen, I've just done the draw for the scottie dog giveaway over at my blog and happy to say you won!! Please get in touch with your details and I'll get this pup in the post as soon as I can. Thanks Barbara

Elizabeth said...

awesome ornament! And congrats on winning a giveaway! :D I was looking at that pic of you and grant and julia and chris was like - wow y ou too are definitely sisters lol. I miss you!

Leslie said...

oh my goodness!!! more blogging. looks like a fun time. i love the shots of DC in the snow

Blessedw5mom said...

OH WOW! What a great ornament and a great post!