Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deleted scenes (random stuff that didn't make it into the blog this week)

Shovel, shovel, shovel, grumble
Shovel, shovel .... at least I'm getting some exercise
shovel, shovel, shovel, grumble
shovel... at least I'm getting outside
shovel, shovel, shovel... where's my husband?
shovel, shovel....oh yeah,  on a Caribbean island hanging out at the beach.
Dang him... stupid Navy.  
If they're going to send him someplace like that, couldn't they send his wife too?
Looking at all of this snow makes it hard to believe that, less than a week ago, we had some warm 60 degree days.  
It's a frigid 15 degrees today!!!
The view from the window isn't so bad... I'm happy to have all the boring brown covered up.
 Earlier in the week... before the deck was covered with snow,
Julia spent some time communing with nature.
Look at the squirrel looking at me as I take his picture!!
"What?  You looking at me?"
All this cold weather has inspired me to do some baking. 
I love homemade bread!!

After a week of begging, I finally gave in and did a craft with the kids.
 We used up some old crayons and made some new ones.  
In all honesty, the chunky crayons are pretty useless, but they were fun to make. 
Kind of pretty too.   

 And finally, sadly, my vacuum went belly up this week.  
Which means that my floors are looking pretty gross.  
Thank goodness, Dan bought me a dust buster for Christmas.  
Now before you get all shocked that he bought me a vacuum of sorts as a gift, you should know that I requested it (mainly so my daughter could clean up the mess that her bird makes with his birdseed.  Ha!  You should have seen her face when I told her that, she was not happy.)
I was grateful for that dust buster then, but even more grateful now, because my house could look soooooo much worse!

Does anyone know what the average lifespan on a vacuum is? 
I have bought 300 dollar vacuums (what a waste) and 50 dollar vacuums and they all seem to die after a year to 18 months!  

I'm convinced that it's me. 


Leslie said...

love the week in review....wish i was there..i would have helped you shovel. isn't that what teenagers are for?

Colleen said...

Kevin wasn't home for the first day of shoveling. Grant manned up and helped a bit. Kevin helped on the second day.

storyteller said...

I'm catching up after being away from the computer most of the week ... have enjoyed all your recent posts (the strawberry waffle in the previous post and the fresh bread here made my mouth water even though I'm not hungry at the moment) ... methinks I'd be grumbling if I had to shovel snow but it does make for lovely photos ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

WackyMummy said...

If it's you, then it's me too. I've given up on vacuums. In fact, if I ever do buy a Dyson, which I would almost die for, I would totally buy an extended warranty because you KNOW it's going to die. (Yes, I'm a vacuum junkie. My current fave because of all the hardwood floors in my house is the Swiffer vacuum. Looooove it.)

Ahhh, the Caribbean! So hard to deal with winter when you could be there. :(

The bread looks awesome. That's a talent!

Colleen said...

I'm scared to buy a Dyson. You know I'll just kill it in 18mos and then I'll be out $500!! I'm going to head to target to find a cheapie vacuum.

MaryMary said...

The bread looks amazing.

Interesting question on the vacuum. I have the same issue regardless of price point. I think it's because they make vacuums for pet hair, but I've yet to see one for human hair. I have to cut ropes of it off the vacuum every single time I vacuum. I'm sure that industrial strength human hair rope burns out the motors pretty quickly.

Jientje said...

I'm just as bad with vacuums as you are!

Grammie/Mom said...

I think Mary has the answer! I'm forever(like 30+ years)vacuuming up daughter's hair. I have to cut it too. What kind of bread did you make? Looks yummy.

Julie said...

Love the whole if they're going to send him to the Carribean, can't they send his wife, too? Amen.