Friday, January 8, 2010

A photographic response to "Riding the Whip"

 I have recently came across a blog called The Aware Writer. 
Even in the short time since I've discovered this blog, I've learned so much about photography from this gentleman.
One of his most recent posts was a reflection on some pictures that he took back in 1971 (hmmmm... that year has special meaning for me) of some children riding the Whip.
As I looked at his photos, I was reminded of the pictures that I took this past summer of my daughter and her cousins riding the Whip, 
so I decided to do a photographic response to his post which can be seen here.
Apparently, the joys of childhood have not changed much in the last...ahem... 30+ years.

I love the silly giddiness of my nephews in the front car contrasted with the look of bemused boredom on the face of the big brother in the back car, combined with the "uh oh" on his little brother's face!

Oh, boy... here we go!

Look at the faces on my nephews! 
I love how my nephew's pose (in the back car) mirrors the pose of the older boy in the first picture.  Apparently the ride doesn't get fun until you hit the corners. 
Yep... it's definitely more fun now!

Thanks to John for giving me the inspiration and for being willing to play along.

PS.... I just heard that this week was National Blog De-Lurking week.
So, if you are out there reading this blog, take this opportunity to say "Hello."
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That's what makes blogging fun!


Leslie said...

fun..i love the faces they are all making

jay said...

Those are great pictures!

What a shame it is that these days it's frowned upon to take random pictures of children in public places.

Colleen said...

Jay... true, but I was fortunate to be related to most of these children. The others just kind of snuck into the shot.

Dan said...

What a great time we had this summer at Kings Island and these pictures really capture it. Love the 1971 photos from the same ride!

dutchbaby said...

awarewriter is indeed an inspiration. These are truly delightful photos!

Gattina said...

Adorable pictures ! that was the first thing I noticed the boredom on the face of "big brother" lol ! So funny !

Anonymous said...

They all look like they are having a great time, even the older boys trying to be cool and unaffected. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

They all look like they are having a great time, even the older boys trying to be cool and unaffected. Too cute.

Helena said...

Saw your comment over on The Aware Writer, so I just had to stop by and be nosy. :) These are great photos! The kids really look like they're having fun!

Jientje said...

This was a fun post, I love your photographic response, what a great idea. I have learned a lot from awarewriter myself, he's a very talented photographer as well as a good writer!

photomommy said...

Looks like fun!

prashant said...

Those are great pictures!

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