Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter hasn't left us yet

 Looks like the groundhog was right.  
Six more weeks of snowy winter.

The picture in the top left was the view from my bedroom window around midnight last night.   
 The lamp post with the snow falling thickly around it reminded me of the Narnia movie.
It was so pretty.  

In the morning, the white snow was joined by white skies. 
The little dot in the bottom left picture is not the moon, it's the sun! 
Right after I took that picture, the sun disappeared behind the clouds again.  
I was lucky to catch a very brief moment in time. 
Last year the kids were so disappointed with the amount of snow that fell... next to nothing.
This year has been quite the opposite and the kids are thrilled.
Not only did we get a good amount of snow last night, but it was good packing snow!!
Meet Merlin and Chester.
I do believe that Chester is dreaming of Spring, or are those tulips one of Merlin's magic tricks?


Your EG Tour Guide said...

The flowers with the snowman made me chuckle. Is the snow person wishing for spring to come too? ;-)

Grammie/Mom said...

Merlin is very round. I almost(for a senior second)thought the tulips were real! You're really having winter there in VA. Ha! Last night we had an inch, that's all. Your snow pictures are awesome. Catching the sun was being in the right place at the right time.

T.J. said...

From this view, it looks like you have as much snow as we do up North- wild! Very creative Merlin ;)

Lolli said...

What great snow pictures! I love the snow men pics! I guess we both got hit by the same storm!

Leslie said...

wow that is a lot of snow. you guys are getting more in there than we are all the way up here.

Dan said...

Chester and Merlin look great....and yes, the snowy scene kind of looks like Narnia!

Jientje said...

I love all the detail they added to the snowmen, the buttons and the tulips and the hats. They have given their snowman real personality and character. Very creative!

storyteller said...

What DELIGHTFUL photos of your family and the kewl snow folks ... Looks like the kids are enjoying the snow. Loved your first wintry mosaic but am glad I'm here rather than there.
Hugs and blessings,
Sacred Ruminations