Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A slice of life

Blogging is many things to many people
and as I've blogged my reasons for doing so have evolved, 
but first and foremost it is, and has always been,
a place for me to share my life and the kid's lives
with my family and friends who are far away.
When my husband isn't home, it is especially important for me to blog about the everyday things.
The less than monumental events of my life, so he can still be a part of it all. 
So here is a very average slice of a very average day in our lives.
And... so I can play a bloggy game.... Here's what I learned.

My weekdays start out with getting the two public schoolers off to school by 6:45.
I learned a long time ago that....
We live just the teensiest bit too close to the school for them to catch a bus
and too far for me to let them walk all that way in the the pitch black of the wee hours of the morning. 
So I get to be the school bus.
And.... I learned that at 6:45 I was not awake enough to take pictures and I'm not so sure that the kids would be all that thrilled if I did so... no photo documentation.

Then there is the quiet hour.
This is when I learn what is going on in the world.
I get to spend this time catching up on blogs, reading e-mail, running a load of dishes, etc..
Julia ruins that wakes up around 7:30 or so with a big smile and a hug for me.
From there it's breakfast, school work, errands and more housework.
On this particular day, Grant had piano lessons.
(I have got to make a new video of him so I can share that with you.)
While he's busy learning new songs, Julia and I like to go to the library.
I've learned that....
I'll never have an empty library basket.
Return three books, check out four.
That's just the way we roll.
On this particular day, I learned that....
After traveling across country during that time when gas was $5 dollars a gallon, 
I have become desensitized to gas prices and am not shocked by paying $2.79.
However, I also think that I don't drive as much anymore, so it kind of balances out.

I also learned that...
driving into a car wash isn't all that scary after all.
I have often been the passenger while going through a car wash, but never the driver.
So I was kind of scared.
Silly, huh?

While there, I learned that...
While I hardly think my car needs perfume, 
scented tri-foam polish is very pretty and makes little girls smile!

Back on the homefront...
There was more checking of blogs and e-mail
where I learned that....
Quincy is doing awesome in Algebra!!!!!!!!!!
That's a super big deal, because math was never her thing. 
And I was a terrible math teacher for her because we never spoke the same math language.
I would explain how to do something and she would look at me as though I had horns growing out of my head.
So I have learned...
to know your weaknesses 
and to let go and let someone else take over when you can't do it yourself.


Leslie said...

you are most eloquent sister...go you Quincy...that is a awesome grade!!! and i am afraid of the carwash as the passenger or the driver.

Julie said...

I love the pictures of the gas pumps and the library drop box. The collages are cool. Way to go Quincey (I love the name by the way!) Oh, and I scrolled down to look at your Feedjit thing and saw the FPO Armed Forces entry... brings back memories of not so long ago... still praying for you guys. Any word about visiting?

Jientje said...

I enjoyed reading your little slice of life and I can only imagine how precious that little hour of me time is, I don't have any kids to keep me busy all day. Loved the pîctures of the car wash. Scented polish? Is that the green and pink foam? Hmm, I think I like that!

Jennifer said...

This is so great! I need to take more pictures and blog about family more. I started with the intent of doing that since I wasn't doing so well at keeping a journal. But, I'm not there yet. Thanks for the ideas:)

JanMary said...

Loved your slice of life.

Thanks for sharing.

I too love to take pics of the everyday as well as the unusual!

T.J. said...

Thanks for letting us spy on your life. I'm sure it helps so, so much to be able to post it for your family and hubby to see. I'm also sure you must have learned to do a lot of things you haven't previously done (like the car wash) Geez, Champ's only kinda gone all winter long and I've already taken on all kinds of new rolls. That's nothing compared to the amount of things you must be handling!! Way to explain it so eloquently :)

Stine in Ontario said...

I enjoyed reading this post and looking at all the photos. You'll enjoy looking back at this in a few months!

Grammie/Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your day. I haven't been the driver through a car wash yet. I'm getting the hang of it though by watching Dad. Seems pretty easy. Main thing is to move along SLOW! Quincy, congrats on the Algebra grade. I had to take it 2 years! Ugh. Math is not for me. Looking forward to a new Grant video and too.

Megan said...

it's great to remember ordinary things! they change so much from year to year!

we have a strict 5 books per kid rule at the library- you pick 5, you bring back 5 every week. otherwise, it's impossible to keep track!!


Elizabeth said...

I actually really loved this post. You should do more like it.... :D