Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This too shall pass

"This too shall pass."
I swear those words were one of the catch phrases from my childhood. 
The other being, "Tough!"
Anyhow.... You absolutely must watch this video with the kids, especially if they are engineering oriented.
Don't be frightened by the red paint splattered man at the beginning of the video.
It is just red paint.

I think we're going to have to watch this video a million more times, it's just that fascinating.
Maybe we'll break out the dominoes.
 I don't know if the music is any good... I wasn't paying attention to that. 

Thanks to Blue Yonder for posting this and bringing it to my attention.


T.J. said...

ooh, that's why they were covered in paint!

This was crazy!! Bear's sleeping, but I'll have to show it to him when he gets up. Was it supposed to be a music video? Couldn't figure that part out, but regardless super cool! I liked all the colored flags and the rain of umbrellas :)

米格格 said...
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