Friday, September 3, 2010

Sand Beach

Summer is winding down and school is about to begin,
but we are still holding onto our favorite summer vacation memories.

In Maine most of the beaches are slabs of rock, large boulders or smaller pebbles
but sand is a hard commodity to come by.

The small beach gave the kids plenty of space to run around

and to draw pictures in the sand.

But the water..... 
oooooooh, that was cold!!

Really, really cold!
Like sticking your foot in a bucket of ice water.

But it was addicting and just as soon as we ran out
(yes I even went in up to my knees)
we ran back in.

Julia was the bravest and did a bit of doggie paddling around in the cold, cold water.

BTW... yesterday I introduced you to Thunder,
Now, meet Lightning!



Jess said...

You guys always have so much fun! :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute pics of the kids.

Alita said...

Fun!!! Nice to meet Thunder & Lighting. ha... :)

AlyGatr said...

Beautiful pics and wonderful memories. We have been to Maine but never into the water. I can just imagine how COLD that must be though. BRRRRRRRRRRRR

Leslie said...

good to meet you lightning!!!