Friday, September 3, 2010

On my mind...

Outside my window..  the sky is whitish gray.   The very outer bands of Earl has created cloud cover over here, but no rain or wind.  Today is still quite warm, but this weekend things cool down and when the world cools down, I can finally think!

So...I am thinking...  that I have about a million trillion things to do, all the many, many things I let go because it was hot and I was a miserable lump with a foggy brain not doing or thinking about anything. 

I am thankful for... September!  Even if there were no calendar and even though it's still a tad warmer than I'd like it to be, I think I would know that it was September just by the energy that is flowing through me.  I'm so excited and can hardly sit still long enough to finish this post. 

I'm wearing... capris and a t-shirt, but I look forward to being able to wear a sweater and socks! 

I am remembering... the three feet of snow and then some that we got last year.  I'm not quite ready for that yet!  Just a little cool down would be good.  You know somewhere in the 70's would be nice. 

I am creating... IDEAS!  Lots of them.  I just bought 8 pounds of peaches to turn into something.  I just don't know what they'll be yet.  I'm hoping for some peach jam and maybe some pie.  Yum!  I'm also trying to pull together some photos to enter into the VA state fair.  So, while I may not be creating anything right at this very moment, I will be soon. 

I am going...clean!  And this time I'm looking forward to it.  Now I can't guarantee that I'll get as much done as I'd like to since I seem to have cleaning ADD, but I'd better get something done while I'm still in the mood!

I am reading... I'm just starting Lumby on the Air by Gail Fraser.  This is the fifth book in the series about the town of Lumby.  They have a distinct Mitford feeling, you know... quirky small town and characters.  Fun read. 

Song that is playing over and over in my head...Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts
 Seriously... I have no explanation for that.  I tried to look up a video on Youtube, but I think you should be glad I spared you.  What I did learn is that there are many different variations of the lyrics.  Who knew?!

I am hoping... to get that dang song out of my head!

Pondering these words....    
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited."
 - Albert Einstein

From the kitchen...Good Ol' American Beans!  (That's what they're called in the cookbook.) It's kind of a sloppy joe/chili type thing with ground beef and lots of beans.  And it's good... really, really good!  And I think it must be very American since one of the main ingredients is ketchup.  Does any other country use ketchup they way we do? 

Around the house...Time to clean and organize.  I'm already feeling next year's move coming and I know that I'm going to have to downsize and get rid of some things.  May as well start now.

One of my favorite things...A clear head and lots of energy.  And happiness!

A few plans for the rest of the week... The week is nearly over, but this Sunday is Quincy's 16th birthday!  So we'll be doing fun birthday things.  :)

A picture I would like to share...   a sure sign that fall is on it's way.


Brown Family Blog said...

I think I am going to be like Teri and steal this idea from you. :O) BTW- where are you moving next year?

Jientje said...

First things first: Happy Birthday Quincy!! I hope you'll have a blast!
Cleaning ADD, I have that too, it must be the month of September doing that to us! We've had some nicer weather and higher temperatures this past few days, and that's good, the month of August has been wet and dreary and Fall is going to be upon us way too soon. I'm not looking forward to socks and sweaters just yet, even though I did go shopping and bought some winter clothes. Thanks for not sharing that video, I've got enough annoying songs in my head as it is!
I hope you'll have a great weekend Colleen!

Yellow House said...

Hello! Hello! Hello! I've missed you! This is the first time I've posted on blogs in a month! WOW! I have been peeking in from time to time, but finally have some time to visit.

I LOVED your visit with TJ pics! I wanted to be there with you so badly! It looked like so much fun!!

Rebecca said...

Nice shot. I guess fall in on its way.

Jen said...

love this.
how about peach cobbler?
yay September! I am ready for the Fall!