Friday, January 14, 2011

Controlled Chaos?

On any given day you can find my kitchen table covered with "stuff."

Sometimes it's school books, 
or maybe dirty dishes left from someone's breakfast.

(I'll be naming no names, but she knows who she is.)

In the afternoon, the school books and dishes often get pushed aside 
to make way for paint supplies.
From time to time, I have considered sanding down my table and repainting it,
but I never do.
Because I don't want to make their favorite workstation off limits.
I want them to keep creating.
And if that means that my table is scarred and splattered with paint, then so be it.
It's nothing that a table cloth can't cover up.

Simple BPM


Alita said...

Besides if you were to send it off you may really miss it. I know I would. The boys got glitter all over their tot table and I just can't let it go.

What a delightful simple bigger picture moment chica. Have a beautiful weekend. :)))

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

I agree! But with the point of view of "why make more work for yourself?" Don't paint it! Let me be... and yeah, isn't that why tablecloths were created by god? ;)

Leslie said...

i have been part of those painting sessions before and it definitely would be sad to lose the painting table.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You are a good mom for letting them create and not worry about the mess.

Susan said...

I love it! I figure that’s what table cloths are for, hiding the chaos! We use our table for work too, but it is often X-acto knives, solder, and glue, so it’s a bit more rugged than colorful. I still wouldn’t change a thing.

Oh and yes, I am enjoying my new camera, good memory. :-)

Jen said...

I love having the table covered in art supplies. nice light here:)

Julie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I am surrounded by clutter and "workspaces." Some of it is good, and some of it needs to be cleaned and sorted through....someday. :)