Monday, January 3, 2011

Counting Chickens

They say you shouldn't count your chickens before they're hatched, 
but as I look at the year ahead of us, 
I see so many big things that I KNOW are going to happen
that it would be foolish not to start thinking about them
and planning for them
and getting excited for them.

Some things may happen differently than I might assume, but still they will happen.

Other things may occur that I couldn't begin to have planned for,
but we'll make way for those things too.

What I do know is that this year is full of possibilities.  

Here are the things that I KNOW will happen.

Kevin (my oldest) will get accepted into a college.
Which college? 
I don't know.

He will also definitely graduate from High School.
That one I can be pretty sure of.
I even have a date and everything.  :)

We will definitely be moving out of this house and into our house in Washington State.
How we'll get there is still up for debate, 
but only because there are so many wonderful places to see between here and there
and we don't know which to choose. 

We will definitely be spending as much time as possible with our east coast family.
But no matter how much time we spend with them, I know that it won't feel like enough.

We will happily be reunited with some of our favorite friends once we get to Washington!
Can't wait!
In the middle of all that, there will be kids learning to drive and getting licenses.
(Lord help us.)
(no not her... not yet)

There will be lessons and recitals and appointments,
School and field trips.
(The stuff of regular life.)

I'll be cleaning and re-organizing and sending stuff to good will,
so the packers can come and box everything up.
Once we're on the other side, 
we'll be unpacking, and cleaning and re-re-organizing
and probably sending more stuff to good will.
(And I'll be wondering, "Why did we move that all the way across country!?")

We'll get re-established with new schools and new doctors and old friends.
It will be good.

My oldest will go to that college that he has yet to be accepted to.

I will turn 40.
(Can't stop the hands of time, I guess.)

Then there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and another New Year.

And wow... I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

But these are the good things.
And I know that as busy as all this sounds, 
I have a whole year to do it in,
and there will be many quiet days to spend relaxing and hanging with the family.

And days to just sit back and enjoy a sunset or two.


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great way to look at this year. Beautiful sunset too.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Sounds like a busy year with a lot of changes. At least you know about it. (I didn't know last year in January that I was going to move across country in only a few months from then!)
I'm excited for you, especially if I get to see you on your trip! SQUEEEEEEE!!! (See? You got my hopes up!)

That one girl said...

Yay for moving! I love fresh starts and blank walls!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Love the positive way you are looking at the upcoming year! :) Hope it's even more wonderful than you imagined!

MaryMary said...

Can't wait to see read about it all. You should come through Denver..... :)