Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Panda Bears, Oh My!!

When I saw that the temperature on New Year's day was supposed to be a balmy 59 degrees,
(in January... that's balmy)
I knew that we had to get O-U-T of this house!

Maybe we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning the night before,
and maybe I had a glass of champagne or two or three,
but I was NOT going to let a day that warm go by without being out in it.
And miraculously, everyone was up, dressed, fed, and had their shoes and coats on by 9:30 am,
ready and anxious to go to the zoo.
(Try that on a Sunday morning... )
The best thing about going to the zoo in the winter is that the animals are so much more active.
The tiger was roaring,
the cheetahs were pacing,

the orangutans were traveling across the zoo on ropes overhead.

 Even the lion was up and looking majestic.

(Quincy edited this picture.  You know I didn't...)

Wordish Wednesday


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

LOL! That's an awesome edit for the lion. Tell Quincy I said so. :D

Great collages. I was just thinking about the zoo today, but it's too cold here. :(

Grammie/Mom said...

Wow! The animals put on quite a show for you. Great pics...quite colorful. Quincy, you rocked the lion!

Julie said...

That is so funny! looks like Aslan (from the Narnia movies) :). Loved those orangutan pics. wow!

Jientje said...

Wow, this is such a great series of pictures! I love what Quincy did with that last one, awesome!

Rebecca said...

Awesome photos...and I never thought about visiting a zoo in winter. You make a good point here.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the collages and the editing on the lion was awesome.