Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite Photos of 2010

This is the last "looking back" post. 
It's time to move on.

But.. the You Capture theme for this week is "your top ten pictures of 2010."

I've looked back at our silly year and our favorite family moments,
but this one is kind of all about me 
and what I've learned in regards to photography in the last year.

This is one of my very favorites because
a) it's awesome!
b) it's the very first picture that I took using the manual settings on my dslr

I had no clue what I was doing 
NONE at all!

The picture below was my first attempt to "shoot the moon" on auto settings.
But after I pushed this button and moved that dial and took a picture and another and another 
I got the picture I wanted.
And I was excited!!

The daffodil shot was just one of hundreds of pictures that I took on a trip to a local park/ botanical garden.
I love that it feels like a water color painting
And that's when I learned about bokeh.

I know nothing about taking night shots.
I have yet to use a tripod for anything.
And I was just randomly adjusting the settings without a clue as to what I was doing.
But I love, love, love this fourth of July shot.

The color!
I love the color on this one!

And this one too. 
Love the color.

This one just makes me happy.
I almost never edit my shots.  
Mostly because I haven't a clue how to use photoshop,
but I did add a slight texture and color to the shot with Picnik.

Oh!  And here's where I remembered that I could switch from auto-focus to manual focus.
I could not get the camera to focus on these little tiny branches that were swaying in the wind 
and I think the light was throwing the camera off too.

And a light bulb appeared over my head 
and the heavenly angels sang alleluia
and a voice came to me and said, "Manual Focus."

Or something like that... 

(really, though... that's kind of how it felt.)

I'm not sure if this is my favorite portrait,
(I do like it)
but it is the first time that I got brave enough to shoot someone in manual mode.

Guess what... it worked.  :)

Fun bokeh.

And this one.... 
I love the light.
(I think I like my pictures just slightly over-exposed.)
I love that it tells a story.
It makes me smile.

I've learned Soooooo Much this year!!!
And I have sooooooo much more to learn.
Like editing.
And metering.

I just read a whole article on metering and you know what I heard?
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
really... I haven't a clue what it all meant.
I'm just waiting for that light bulb moment when metering all makes sense to me.
Maybe it will happen in 2011.



Grammie/Mom said...

You had a great photo year! Keep them coming!!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

You have taken some great photos this year. Great shot of the moon. I still haven't gotten a good one yet.

Jess said...

I still can't believe you got that moon without a tripod.

The sparkler shot = awesome

Yes, backlighting has a very real possibility of messing with your autofocus. Sometimes I'll block the sun with my hand to focus and then move my hand away to take the shot.

The last shot, I loved that one the first time you posted it. The important parts are perfectly exposed, and she's so intense. LOVE it!

You've taken some great photos Colleen, can't wait to see what you come up with this year. :)

Amber said...

Well you kept saying you didn't know what you were have me fooled these are all great shots. Once I get my new zoom I'm trying a moon shot!

Laura said...

I really love all of these - and I'm hoping to do what you've done this year - and learn more about the technical stuff. Of course, first, I want to get a real camera...what kind do you use?

That moon shot rocks.

Carrie said...

That moon shot is A-MAZ-ING!!! I love that feeling when you capture something and you think you got it and then once you download it, you know for sure. :-) I'm amazed you don't edit - you really have a talent for this!

Jade said...

Awesome photos! And that moon shot is freakin' FABULOUS. I'm so happy for you: it sounds like this year was a really great year, full of learning and growth. Hope next year will bring more of the same!

Brooke said...

Can you give a little lesson on how you did that moon shot? Mine always end up like that first one. Did you have a telephoto lens on? I love that one and really ALL of the others. You got some really great photos this year.

Corrie said...

I love that your captions were all about taking pictures without having a clue what you were doing... I felt like that most of the year myself! Beautiful pictures!

Alita said...

Your favorites are my favorites. Um the moon is INCREDIBLE. My moon shots ALWAYS look like your second picture. It is so disappointing. And what LOVELY bokeh on your wheat shot. It is so peaceful. My favorite is of Julia in the light (the fall shot) So sweet and innocent, filled with light. Gorgeous!!!

You KNOW I love your photography. Thanks for inspiring me in 2010. Here's to more photography in 2011.


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

You're really good! I love those shots. You're amazing with a camera... really! And those photography lessons sound the same to me. I learn through trying. Which I need to do more of.

Great collection! :)

ToadMama said...

Great work. You have bokeh down for sure. I love the allelujah moment. Isn't manual fun? Thanks for sharing.

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - these are amazing!

Jen said...

I love your header!! and those light shots at the end are perfection, I love your blog, your humor, I also love learning how to use stuff on my camera too and get excited too, lol

Elaine A. said...

I'm in awe of that first photo!!! Well, all of them really. Fantastic captures - you are very good with messing around with the dials and buttons! ;) Happy New Year!

Jen said...

The moon shot is amazing!

Susan said...

What an impressive Top 10. I love the moon shot too, and your narrative on your thoughts during the photos. The end results are incredible! You definitely have a talent! I love the last one looking through the jars; it’s so soft and light, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Aw how cool!! Loving your moon picture - well, all of them are really nice. Also thanks for your tip - that was a light bulb moment for me :) Hope you have another great year with your camera!

Jientje said...

Wow, it's amazing how much progress you've made throughout 2010! May you have many more light bulb moments in 2011! One more year like this one and you're better than a professional!

Rachel said...

I love the moon shot and the pumpkin just makes me smile. Great photos!!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Stunning post, Colleen! LOVE that moon.

Alyssa said...

great shots, love that moon one it is amazing. How did you get that close :)

Anonymous said...

That moon shot is AWESOME.

Stillmary said...

Well, you are truly a budding photographer - and I only say budding because you keep saying you had no idea what you were doing. The shots ALL look professional to me. And I think you have the 'eye' - the innate ability to see the framing and the light and the colors that will make a perfect shot. I would list my favorites but I'd have to list them all. I'm awed. Beautiful! Beautiful!

Mrs. Bird said...

Great work, Colleen!!! I love the 4th of July shot too!

T.J. said...

Look at them lined up side by side- you should totally be proud of how far you've come!!! I remember reading about how you were waiting for the box with your camera to arrive- and now look at you girl!!!!

Glad you are further along the path because guess what?!! It's just about my turn to get a new camera- eeeeek!!!!!!! I just have to make up my mind and it's almost scary to know I could go out and buy one tomorrow if I wanted. A looooong wait, but I am so excited my moment is here!!! I'll be looking to you for DSLR tips soon ;)

Happy new year!

jaime said...

Your first photo is AMAZING.

Marla said...

These pictures are awesome. And I love, love, love that moon shot.

I will be happy if I learn as much in 2011 as you did in 2010. :)

Marla @

Kelley said...

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures! I'm still taking pictures with a little camera or my iPhone. Pathetic, huh? You've inspired me!

Carla said...

wow some amazing images you must be so proud of you progress. I would be Happy 2011. Carla

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE the pumpkin photo!


Katie said...

Your shots are beautiful!!!

Darcy said...

these are so beautiful! love love love the color!!

Kat said...

the moon was prob my favorite of all the photo's you took last year.

sunnymama said...

Oh this is a beautiful collection of pictures! I just called by to thank you for your kind words on my blog before christmas. It meant such a lot. :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos!

Blah, blah, blah...that's what I hear, too, when I'm reading those technical articles :-) And it just rattles around in my head for about 6 months, and then one day, it just clicks...and then I'm usually even more confused and overwhelmed by all there is to learn!

{I used the wrong version of 'there' in my first post, so I deleted it and re-posted. How neurotic is that?!}