Saturday, February 5, 2011

Can you believe it?

I made it through an entire month of my 365!

Well... that month was to be expected since I used Picture Winter as my crutch
And for February, I'm using The Joy of Love as my crutch.

Crutches can be good things, especially in months like January and February
when things are cold and dark and brown
and there's not a lot to "inspire."

 I'm happy to have lots of human faces in this week's post.
 I think I take too many pictures of inanimate objects,
but you have to admit... inanimate objects don't move and they never complain about being photographed.

 29:  I love the sledding pics!  I have about a million more to share, but I'm saving them for next week's You capture.

30:  This is one of my favorite pictures.  I feel like it embodies everything I want to be this year... 
fearless, bold, daring...
Meeting everything life has for me with my arms wide open and a smile on my face.

31:  Pretty Delilah... there are lots more pictures of her to share too.

32: The beginning of The Joy of Love series.  This one is "what they do."

33:  Joy of Love "what they look like."  It was hard to get this pic as he wasn't very excited about being photographed, but I'm just glad that he was even mildly willing.

34:  I used archived photos for my joy of love pic on this day, so there went my crutch,
thus the fairly lame pic of  "something... anything... quick! before the light goes!"

35:  Maybe not my best picture of the day, but sometimes it's more about capturing the moment than it is about technical perfection.

I'm so proud of Kevin.  
This is him receiving "outstanding cadet of the semester" for his Junior ROTC class.
That's just one of the many awards he won last night.
The list was long!

(Yeah... I know...
I said that I don't like to repost pictures, but here I am doing it again.
I'm trying to get over my little made up rule, but it kind of gives me knots in my stomach.
Seriously... of all the things there are to stress about in the world, blogging isn't one of them,
so I need to get over my stupid hang-ups and get on with myself!)


Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. Looks like a great week. Love the sledding photos. How fun!! Thanks for linking up.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

You know I like seeing your favorites again and again. I "stalk" my favorites all the time, so I don't mind you "pushing" them on me. :D

The portraits are very evocative with the composition and contrast, even with that distracting light thingy in the background of your reluctant son's portrait. Really well done!

But #34 literally made my heart catch a little. Great... now you're causing me chest pains. ;) jk. It's simply marvelous. And just so you know, the photos that get that reaction out of me are always my favorites.

Helen said...

That first sledding pic is awesome! And I love the shot of Delilah.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Congrats on finishing the first month. Love the sledding pics. Delilah is absolutely beautiful.

deb duty said...

Awesome sledding pics and the baby is adorable. That's great that he got an award.

creatingme said...

Really great photos!!!

Andrea said...

The sledding pics are great! Can't wait to see some more :)

Kimberly said...

The sledding pics are great! And congrats to Kevin! And to you for making it through a whole month of P365!

Brooke said...

What a great week of photos. I can NOT wait to see the rest of those sledding pics. WHAT FUN! I also love the photo of your reluctant son. His expression and the lighting... lovely!! :D So glad that you are keeping up with th 365... through February, at least.

Sarah said...

I love your first sledding shot! Can't wait to see more! Also, Delilah is beautiful! Congrats to your son for all his awards!

Jen said...

wow, these are soo so great. you should submit some stuff to this great blog called mortal muses!

Rebecca said...

The sledding photos are terrific.