Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today is Tuesday, you know what that means....

Want to come over and share a glass of wine with me today?  
Some people participate in virtual coffee or tea, but right now I'm drinking a glass of wine, 
so if you were here with me I'd be happy to share.  
There's plenty.  
I don't have a picture of the glass    
Strike that... yes I do.  Just took a picture.

You might think that I was being all artsy by taking the picture in black and white, but I wasn't.  
That's just the setting I left it in and I didn't see any reason to fix it. 

I guess I'm in a bit of a mood.
I don't know why... just am...
but I'm sure your company (comments) will help improve my mood.  
I do enjoy hearing from all of you very wonderful people.
And I try to respond to your comments, I truly do,
at least in one form or another.
Anyhow... I was thinking today how much I really love and appreciate your comments
and how they make blogging worth every moment.   
So... thank you.

 I might be a little sad because yesterday marked the end of a photo project that I had been working on, Picture Winter.  
I had such a great time with that one and will really miss the community that developed.
  When I checked out everyone's final pictures and commented, it kind of felt like the last day of school with everyone signing each other's yearbooks. 

If you ever get a chance to participate in one of Tracey Clark's classes, go for it!

(All of my picture winter shots)

Today is the beginning of a new project called the Joy of Love.  
I'm looking forward to this one in particular because it's more focused on people
and sometimes I have a hard time taking portraits.  
I get a little self conscious about it and don't know how to direct my models. 
Or feel like I'm intruding on their space as I try to sneak a shot in,
so we'll see how this project works out for me.   

Here's my first picture for the project.
Today's prompt was "what they do."
Catch your loved one doing "something."

Quincy is always doodling or drawing or painting, etc...
Oh... and I wasn't really trying to be artsy here either.  
I was just attempting to hide the clutter behind her.   

We spent the weekend in NY with my parents and sisters.
I got to hold my newest niece.
The kids got to spend their days sledding.

It was a good weekend.

I have 276 pictures of both the baby and the kids sledding that I need to go through.
I need to delete some and try to edit others.
 (I love this one even though, or maybe because the exposure is all wrong.
It was only a test shot, but I love the action and the random poses of the kids on the hill.)

I'm not very good at editing and generally try to get the best I can straight out of the camera, 
but I am learning to make the basic edits.
A crop here and there, some color and exposure adjustments.
Those little things make a world of difference. 

As I attempted to take pictures of this adorable baby, I realized that I had a LOT to learn.
One of my sisters so kindly reminded me that I should have some sort of concept before I started to take the pictures.

I must confess that I had no concept and basically no clue.
Fortunately, with a model as cute as that one it's hard to screw up too badly. 

Now it's time for me to get dinner on the table. 
The chicken is starting to smell pretty good,
I have to check on the potatoes 
and there is broccoli to get started. 
Next month, I'm thinking of taking food pictures for my 365.

I am absolutely terrible at food photography, so I'm hoping I'll learn and improve.  

Fingers crossed!



Lindsey said...

That baby is adorable, and I wish I was at your house for dinner. Yum.

terri browne said...

Oh my, your niece is adorable! I would never know by looking at her picture that you didn't have a concept. :) Although I can completely relate - I struggle with that whenever I take pictures. I tend to be very left-brained, so trying to take pictures creatively is a bit outside my box.

The look on Julia's face in the sledding picture makes me want to go sledding right now!

Grammie/Mom said...

I'll take you up on that glass of wine - next visit. Your pic of the kids "just hanging" in white "air" is neat. Delilah seems to me to be saying, "Hello world, here I am!"

{Amy} said...

i love your collection of picture winter photos and i too am participating in the joy of love project. i'm excited about it, it's cold and dreary and i need something fun to focus on.
if i was meeting with you tonight i would bring margaritas because that's what i'm having while there is an actual blizzard going on here in illinois. awww...that is one super cute baby! thanks for joining in for coffee-or wine this week! : )

Alita said...

Colleen you do an incredible job. Each new picture is an adventure. I am thoroughly inspired by and adore your photography. No more bad mouthin yo'self chica. And I wouldn't drink that wine, but I would soooo be tempted. Mainly because it does look a little artsy. ;) Your collage is brilliant. And now I gotta go check out that link you posted of Joy OF Love.

Thanks for the coffee my friend. Or is it the vino! :)

Brooke said...

Where to even start with this one, I have so much to say? Your nephew is adorable. I love the pic you got and I am sure there are lots more :D That sledding pic, both of them actually, are amazing!!! What fun shots. And wine actually does sound like a GRAND idea right now :D Can't wait to see your February shots. Hugs to you.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Ok, let's get started here:

Black & white - very artsy. I approve.

Have I told you you're collages are the best? It might be because you take some darn good photos, and then when you put them together they tell a story and there is such variety. Love it!

I too love the overexposed one. You said it... it all works. The poses are perfect.

So is the baby. I'll let you in on a little secret. The few times I took pictures of babies I left it up to the moms what they wanted in the pictures. So if the moms/aunts are wondering what the concept is? That's THEIR responsibility. Basically, blame them. ;)

That's all. Have a wonderful evening. :D

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Oops. I made a grammatical error. I meant "your", not "you're". (And I'm anal about it. Double whammy on me.)

Elizabeth said...

I love reading your virtual coffee posts. Or in this case virtual wine. (wine sounds really good right now but alas I have none) So anyways, I love your picture winter collage and I can't wait to see what you do for Joy of Love. I feel like I live vicariously through your photos. I should really join a few of these photo challenges you are always doing. That over e-posed shot of the kids is awesome. and OMG I'm very jealous that I am the only one who still hasn't held Delilah yet. :( But my trip (in the works) is gonna be on my spring break Mar11-21 Soooo plan to come see us. :) And now your blog has successfully made me hungry. Maybe I'll go eat the rest of my leftover meat muffins...


christyd said...

Your new niece is adorable! I know what you mean about pictures. I tend to just click and hope some turn out! I need to take some time and learn some editing too! I hope you enjoyed your glass of wine! I had my hubby pour one for me when he got home tonight :)

Jade said...

I love your collection of winter photos! They make a lovely set! And yum to the wine too...mayhaps I should join you with a glass. :)

T.J. said...

Colleen I'm drooling over your winter collage! wow, to see them all together like that- well, Bravo!!!!

I personally love over exposed snow pictures especially when peppered with loved ones, but you know I'm even more giddy over the shot of little miss D. She will make a great subject for you each time you get to see each other! I've been thinking about that myself- a few of my friends are due to have babies soon and I really should read up so I can start snapping away- capturing their sweet little babyness and selfishly learning more about baby portraits! ;)

happy snowy day to you all down there!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ha! Ha! I've often said to my boyfriend that he glows int he dark too with his ultra white skin. Of course, he is a night owl so even in the summer he rarely sees the light of day. As the polar opposite I often wonder how our son even exists! You have some beautiful photos up here, babies are great subjects. Keep on learning, it is a vast, vast subject. Thanks for the glass of wine - that's my kind'a coffee on a snowy morning! (You know what they say - it's always four o'clock SOMEWHERE in the world.)

MaryMary said...

Oh Delilah looks...so delightful. And what a beautiful collage and fun sounding project. I umm, have quite a bit of time on my hand as of earlier this week so maybe I'll head over and try this new challenge. Love your shots!

Anonymous said...

That first photo has me wanting a glass of wine now while I'm posting!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why I havent read anything of yours lately - I somehow missed your post!! Your winter photos are gorgeous! And hey - you made it one month/365 - congrats!! Oh, and I couldnt tell you didnt have a concept with your baby photo...(didnt know you had to have a concept with someone that cute) :)

Julie said...

beautiful collage! I'm impressed that you edit so little and the pics come out so well. ;)

Mrs. Bird said...

Food photography scares me. I've only ever attempted it on accident :) Love the black and whtie of your daughter!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

The sledding photos are sooo amazing, Colleen!

Kat said...

I love the sly mention of me in the post but not really mentioning me lol.