Friday, May 20, 2011

Shooting in the rain...

It occurred to me recently that I didn't really know how to take pictures 
(or good pictures anyway)
in the rain.
I'd find myself waiting (much like Julia is in this picture) for the rain to pass 
and for the sun to shine and give me some pretty light.
the before shot

Not a problem right?
Just wait for the sun...  I mean the song says that it will come out tomorrow.

And if you don't believe the song, 
there's always the whole Noah's ark/ rainbow promise thing that we can cling to.

before a crop and contrast fix

But... here's the problem...
(or at least, my problem)

You see... I'm moving back to the Seattle area soon
and everyone knows that Seattle tends to be a tad rainy,
(just a little bit)
mostly in the winter,
or pretty much any month other than July or August.
before crop and contrast fix

So I'm practicing my rainy day photography skills whenever I get a chance.

And figuring out how to do some post-processing to give them that extra boost 
without taking away from the rainy day feel.

So while she's singing and dancing, I'll keep busy shooting in the rain.


Susan said...

Oh, I love the first shots and all of the green! Great idea to start practicing now!

Ashley Sisk said...

Really nice simple and clean edits - great job!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE those shots. How fun to play in the rain & I think you did a great job without the sun. Your area is so beautiful- I miss the green & flowers!!!

CJ said...

Love your edits - I always have a hard time with the rain because I dont want to get the camera wet - but I guess you could always get a bigger lens :)

Alita said...

I don't like taking pictures in the rain either. I'm too afraid of ruining my baby.

Mrs. Bird said...

Great shots! I wish it rained more here :) Overcast conditions are my absolute fav to shoot in :)

Grammie/Mom said...

I like how you can see the raindrops in the last 2 large pictures.

After a pretty good day, meaning we had some sun, it went down hill just as I was leaving work. Torrential rain, lightning and thunder.

Winn (aka Koreen) said...

They're beautiful! Good luck with all that rain. ;)

Cedar said...

These are fantastic! Every one of them! You did an excellent job at keeping the rain but making the photo bright and attractive! Do you have any tips on shooting in the rain--since living in the NW means it is my usual shooting conditions?