Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Coffee talk

It's coffee time!
And, based on this picture, it looks like you'll be having coffee with my husband.

But no.... he's not home right now.
He left yesterday to head back to Seattle 
and in two weeks the ship will be leaving for a seven month deployment.
(I obviously didn't take this picture... )
I won't be sharing coffee with him until February!

That's a long time...

On the bright side??
I have a million and one things to do to keep me busy 
and hopefully that will help me not dwell too much on how much I miss him.

And how are we keeping busy, you ask?

Well, we're busy eating ourselves out of the freezer and pantry,
which the kids were quite excited about,
especially since that meant pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

We're busy gathering up us much stuff as possible for one big goodwill run.
It's better to get rid of it now than to unpack it later.
However... I can guarantee that I'll still find things that will make me wonder,
"Why on earth did I traipse that across country?!"

We're also trying to clean out and organize all the stuff we do want to keep.
I need to stock up in gallon size plastic bags.
If I put all my crayons in one and markers in another and legos in a few more,
there's less of a chance of the packers just dumping all that into one big pile at the bottom of the box,
a pile that I would have to re-sort and organize.
Again... another task that is better done on this end of the move.

So.... anyone interested in coming over and helping out?
♪♪I'd buy you some Starbucks.♪♪




T.J. said...

You are such an amazing gal. Able to pack up your family pretty much on your own and able to endure a husband on leave. I take that back- your whole family is amazing for doing what they do!!!!!!!!!

As for the packing- it will feel sooooo good to get that stuff to Goodwill!

koreen said...

For Starbucks? I'm there! Okay, so I can't be there, but I would if I could. And not just for Starbucks. I love helping other people pack. For myself? Not so much.

Good for you for organizing and getting rid of stuff now. So much less work that way. Hopefully you'll be busy enough to make the missing of the hubby a little more bearable.


Susan said...

Oh, if I lived closer I’d help you out! (Especially for Starbucks!) I wonder if I could get some help around here if offered up some Starbucks too!

I get sad when my husband leaves for a week let alone months! At least you have your kids and the move to keep you distracted. Feb will be here before you know it!

Jess said...

I couldn't believe how the military packers dumped our stuff into boxes, the one time we used them. Honestly.

Being busy is good! Can't wait to see you!!!

Jientje said...

You're so brave, until February you say? My God!Oh and I would be there if you lived in my neck of the woods, Starbucks or no Starbucks! !

Alita said...