Saturday, July 9, 2011

A sherbet sunset...

I have oooooh so many photos from our recent day in New York City.
And while it would seem logical to start with the pictures that I took
at the beginning of the day and then proceed from there,
I'd much, much rather share these pictures right now.

Probably because they're my favorites...

Our return trip from the city via the Staten Island Ferry
happened to coincide with the most amazing sunset.

Well, truthfully, we could have taken the 8:00 ferry, 
we arrived at 8pm on the dot and they were holding the doors open for last minute stragglers,
but I wanted to wait.

My husband who has become accustomed to commuting
and making a mad dashes for the next train or ferry 
may have developed a twitch at that point.
It went against every instinct he had to let other people go ahead of us 
and to sit and wait half an hour for another ferry.
 (twitch. twitch. shudder)
However, I was content to sit and wait.
It had been a long day and there had been lots of walking
so it felt good to rest a bit.

Besides... one of the kids needed a restroom NOW!
and I didn't think it would be nice to make them wait an entire ferry ride
while watching the waves splash back and forth and back and forth.

 I worried just a little bit that we might have missed the best part of the sunset
but no...
We stood on the deck of the ferry and watched as the sunset turned all the colors of rainbow sherbet.

It was perfect.
And when I turned to see what the little girls were doing,
Avery turned to me and said,
"We're pinching ourselves to see if it's real."

So, yeah... 
I think it was worth it.


koreen said...

Amazing images! Absolutely perfect compositions. And your family appreciated the experience! (Wow!) Well, except for the twitching one. ;)

Susan said...

Beautiful! So glad you missed the ferry! So cute that your girls were pinching themselves to see if it was real... what wonderful memories and captures.

Jess said...

Oh goodness Colleen. These are just magical. They really are.

SKC said...

These are awesome.

Jen said...

you were in NYC? holy cow, great pink sky! I haven't been around the blog world lately, just stopping by to check out your posts and to say hello :)

Alita said...

Perfect indeed! (Nick would twitch, too... until he saw the pics later) These are dreamy. And I long for a summer visit to NYC (it would be my 1st time)so I'm jealous!!!

I miss you! This is my first opportunity to read my fave blogs or even blog myself in like two whole weeks. crazy! Yes, we're enjoying summer. It has been BUUUUUUUSSSSYYY!


deb duty said...

Oh wow! Just stunning. The colors of the sky are so pretty! Awesome photos!

Linda R. said...

Oh WOW!! These shots are amazing. Truly amazing..

Hugs, Linda

Grammie/Mom said...

Jealous!!! What an awesome backdrop for the Statue of Liberty.

MaryMary said...

That makes me miss NY so much. Pretty photos!

Leslie said...

i am so glad that even at this young of an age the girls can really appreciate something that is truly beautiful

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a great trip and photos!