Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten on ten... finally

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone, but I sneaked away from school for a moment 
and have 45 minutes to kill before I have to be back.

And.... I FINALLY managed to get ten whole pictures on the tenth day of April,
so if I worked that hard... I ought to post it.

(Aren't you happy, Mom?)

Bright and early... 7am
the high school girls are off to school.

8am... the house is quiet 
and I have time for a little tea and toast

By 9am, I'm beginning to wonder where Julia is.
She's busy listening to music and checking out Pinterest.
Sadly, I remind her that there is school work to be done

and then I take her picture.  :)

10 am... rough draft written and edited.  
She's got some fixing to do.

11am... (more like 11:30)  Grant is finally off to school
He had cross country and biology on Tuesday.

Checking the school mailbox for newsletters and returned homework.

Nearly 3pm... I forgot to pickup one of Julia's civics assignments,
so I run back to school.  
On my way out, I remembered that it had been a while since I last took a picture 
and the hill of dandelions caught my eye.
Gotta love a blue sky too!

4pm... the plan for the night was to go to a concert, 
but those things are loud... so I pick up some earplugs.
If it's too loud am I too old??


7pm... Now here's where you might think there'd be a concert picture, right?
But sadly no...
I got all the way to the University to pick up Kevin when I realized that I had left the tickets at home.
We debated the merits of driving an hour or more back in traffic to get them 
or simply consoling ourselves with Chinese food and an Irish coffee crepe.

I was dealing with teenagers... 
Food won.

It didn't  hurt that we also got some shopping in at the coolest vintage clothing store ever!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Glad to see you back. Love the photo of dandelions.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Nice! So funny that food won out! The vintage store looks cool too!

Dan said...

Great post. I think Grant's cross-country on Tuesday turned out to be kickball actually. Running bases is their short course!

Grammie/Mom said...

Yes...Mom is very happy!!! Thanks for the pictures. I always like seeing current pics of the kids. If Quincy bought some of those clothes, let's see them on her.

T.J. said...

yay!!! So good to hear from you again ands ee some pictures- that one of Grant is so very cool :) so is the fact that he's in crosscountry- now that's my kind of sport!

happy weekend to you Colleen :)

Jess said...

I'm with TJ: "YAY!!!"

So I took the first 2 of 10 and then decided I had better things to do. ;) It is a fun way to peek into your life. Miss you!