Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet Stanley

We finally went and did it.
After nearly 20 years of raising kids, we finally decided to raise a dog too.

Yeah, yeah... I know...
Most people do both at the same time.
But it never seemed to be the right time for us, until now.

Some days, some moments, we think he's the most amazing, wonderful, smart puppy ever.
And other days, other moments, we wonder what on earth we've gotten ourselves into. 

Either way, he's here to stay.


Leslie said...

this is such a great collage!!! thanks for the introduction. he looks like a regular part of the family. i like the action shots....how did his first road trip go?

Grammie/Mom said...

Leslie said much of what I was going to say. If only puppies stayed little forever and kept that cute puppy face!

Welcome back to your blog. Missed you.

T.J. said...

stanley is a great name for dog- love it and love these pictures of him!!!

Jess said...

I looooooove him. Oh, I love him.