Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter Rainbows

I could spend a few moments complaining about the cold, 
but it seems silly since I know that there are places far colder than it is here.

I'd consider whining about the lack of snow,
(it's always been my theory that cold is only useful if it also brings snow)
but after last winter's Snowmageddon, I can't say that I'm incredibly anxious to get THAT much snow.

Instead I'll talk about rainbows and butterflies.
'Cuz I'm just a regular Pollyanna!  ;)

Or to be more accurate, I'll show you the rainbows...

Winter rainbows!
They showed up in the frost on the window when the light hit them just right.
And I'll share a little quote that a high school friend posted on facebook recently.

"Snowflakes are winter's butterflies :)"
Gotta love her!

Hope you enjoy your winter rainbows and butterflies!


Winn (aka Koreen) said...

Nicely done! I've never seen snow rainbows before, and you did a great job capturing it. I like the detail of the snowflakes in the second photo, too, even though they're not zoomed in they're clear.

I honestly can't get motivated to get "outside" and take photos. I drove through a snowstorm tonight to get home and I think I was lucky to get home! I'm not going outside for pleasure. Nuh uh! ;)

tara said...

aw, i love that. snowflakes are winter's butterflies, indeed. i'm feeling very nostalgic for snow right now. it was 70 degrees here yesterday. i can, however, see snow in the mountains in the distance, but it isn't quite the same thing...

Jen said...

I love this, no real snow yet for us, I am actually bummed!

Brown Family Blog said...

awesome! Love it! BTW- that sounded like a Kim comment...was it?

agiraffeinascarf said...

Wow, those are such beautiful photos! I wish I lived somewhere with winter rainbows!

djsander92 said...

winter rainbows...amazing!